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Insurance for Investors

To protect our referrals from losing funds on High Yield Investment Projects, we have added the Insurance feature. From now on, our direct referrals can claim compensation for the insured projects by visiting the Insurance page. Please register on our website and follow the instructions below to claim insurance:

. Insurance will be available for claiming, when the insured project status has been changed to "Problem" or "Not Paying".
. Claim insurance by visiting the "Insurance" Page or by clicking the text "Insurance" under the Program Name on our website.
. Choose the same payment method that you have used to make the deposit and enter your wallet address to receive the insured amount.
. The insured amount will be paid within seven working days.

Terms & conditions:

. Users must be registered on our website.
. Do not create multiple accounts.
. Must join the program using our affiliate link.
. The user must be our direct (1st level) referral.
. The insurance must be claimed within 48 hours after the project status has been changed to "Problem" or "Not Paying".
. Creating fake insurance requests or any other fraudulant activity is strictly prohibited.
. The Two-factor authentication (2FA) must be disabled before you request for compensation. Otherwise the request will be rejected.
. No insurance for deposits created from project account balance. Only deposits made from external wallets will be eligible for insurance.
. You won't be eligible for insurance if you have chosen compounding option when making the deposit.
. Please count only the investment for which you did not get 100% principal back and count all of the RCB amount you have received from us. Then submit only one compensation request.
. Only the deposits made after the insurance offer was published are eligible for insurance.
. You must withdraw your earnings everyday. If you do not withdraw your earnings everyday, we may reject your compensation request.
. If the insured projects have both "Daily Plan" and "After Plan", please deposit only into the "Daily Plan". If there is no daily plan, then please choose the shortest plan only.
. We reserve the right to reject/change/disable the insurance offer for any user or any project at any time.
. In rare cases, the processing of the insurance request may take up to fourteen working days.
. Exchange & transaction fees may apply.

Feb 10th, 2022 02:17:20

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